Rowing training

Rowing is a sport that requires strength, endurance and brains. Excelling at all three attributes requires dedication, effort and determination through the numerous training methods required to make it to the top of rowing. Grammar rowers therefore train in several locations:

- At the Auckland Grammar Rowing Club
- Gym sessions (weight training and ergs) and running at Auckland Grammar School

Training commitment

Rowing is the ultimate team sport, as it is impossible for a crew to train on water or race unless all members are present. In keeping with our values of respect for each other and taking responsibility, our athletes are expected work hard, persevere and to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to each other.

Consistently maintaining these qualities in all aspects of our training programme and daily operations has helped the squad to develop an excellent, efficient organisation and a culture of success in an extremely short space of time.

The training programme is intense and, although we appreciate it can be difficult at times for kids and parents to juggle rowing with their other commitments, it is vital that everyone:

- Always arrives before the stated time
- Provides coaches with advance notice of unavoidable lateness or absence. You must notify Mr Maling or Mr Lowe in advance
- Does their best in everything they do
- Treats fitness as an all-day, every day commitment
- Treats others as they would like to be treated themselves

Important note: Rowers and coxswains (not parents) are held fully responsible for their attendance, punctuality and for always arriving prepared.

We train at the following locations in the greater Auckland area:

- Auckland Grammar School Gym: Weights and ergs.
- Auckland Grammar Rowing Club: All of our on-water training is done at AGRC.
- Self-paced training: Rowers are also encouraged to run, cycle, etc., in addition to their formal rowing training. 

What to bring to training: The following lists cover the clothing and equipment that should be brought to training sessions and rowing camps.

Training sessions:

- Shorts and t-shirt (or School PE gear)
- Running shoes and socks
- Water bottle
- Towel
- Healthy snack (e.g. a banana, a muesli bar and a yoghurt)
- If it is cold, rowers may wear thermals and sweatshirts
- Heart rate monitor

Rowing camps:

- Spare set of training gear
- Light rain jacket
- Towel
- Training shoes
- Spare socks
- Water bottle
- 10mm ring spanner
- 2 bananas and museli bars (containing oats)

Click here to download the full gear list for camps and regattas.