Athlete Development and Selection Policy

Leadership Programme: Strokes to Success

The Auckland Grammar Rowing Club offers school rowers the chance to be a part of the Strokes to Success leadership programme. The Club initiative aims to help boys understand and develop the skills they need to succeed on and off the water through the use of a friendly environment in and outside of the classroom.

Strokes to Success is a structured four-week programme requiring one hour, one day a week to help encourage reflective learning. The course is designed to assist more Auckland Grammar School rowers to lead their peers onto the podium while also excelling in school. An offer to nominate will be sent to all boys pre-season and a selection panel will then sleect adequate candidates from each age-group.

Student-Athlete Performance Profile

Student-Athlete Performance Profile (SAPP) endeavours to provide focus on the boys' individual performance criteria and connect the coach and athlete.

The aim of the scheme is to provide invaluable athlete-coach feedback once a month, where the boys' individual goals and physical and technical progress will be discussed with the help of video analysis. The boys will also meet with the Director of Rowing three times a month to address their key psychological, academic and lifestyle performance areas to ensure a good balance is being met.

Auckland Grammar Rowing Club Selection Policy

All selections of training and racing crews at Auckland Grammar Rowing Club is the responsibility of the coaches.

These selections will be made with the athlete's, the Club's and the School's best interests in mind. The ultimate aim is to produce the fastest possible boat - relative to the competition in that event - at the end of the season.

All the coaches are involved in regular discussions about selection issues. The coaches consider their selection decisions very carefully and use their discretion, judgement and experience to decide on crew selections. They may make crew changes or decisions about boat selection at any stage of the season.

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