Nutrition / Supplements / Age Groups


Good, rowing-focused nutrition is essential to ensure maximum training capacity throughout the season.

It is important to optimise your nutritional strategies early in the training season so these become a habit and are easy to follow come race-day. A healthy, well-balanced diet will not only provide rowers with the energy to train but also the ability to recover well and be ready to take on the next day's training load.

The club will endeavour to ensure these guidelines are met at all camps and regattas and these will be discussed and displayed - along with ideal training food recipes - in the Nutrition section of the website regularly.


Auckland Grammar School strongly opposes the use of performance-enhancing supplements for the purpose of obtaining a competitive advantage.

Auckland Grammar School promotes clean and healthy choices on all aspects of a student's sporting life and believe that long-term athletic performance and development is more important than short-term success. The use of dietary supplements is not discouraged.

Age Groups

In school-rowing, a boy's age at 1 January will primarily determine which age group he rows in for the season.

There are four age groups: Under 15/Under 16/Under 17/Under 18 (Seniors). Anyone in their first year of rowing is a novice, no matter their age group. Boys showing ability and maturity may be considered for promotion to a more senior crew.

The nature of rowing is that the boys will spend a great deal of time together, particularly at regattas and camps, which means rowers tend to mix well across age groups.