Uniform and Gear List

The Rowing uniform may be purchased or hired through the Auckland Grammar School Shop.

Regatta uniform: compulsory

- Row suit: $155
- Shorts: $40
- Polo shirt: $67
- Cap: $18 

Racing uniform: optional

- Socks: $10
- Jacket: $150
- Track pants: $80 

Formal uniform for travelling: compulsory

- Polo shirt (as above): $67
- Formal black trousers: $73
- Black socks: $12
- Black leather shoes
- Black leather belt: $25 

Formal uniform for travelling for the Senior Eight crew: compulsory

- School Sports blazer
- School shirt (blue, with lion)
- School tie
- Formal black trousers (as above): $73
- Black leather shoes
- Black socks (as above): $12
- Black leather belt (as bove: $25

Other items, off-water: optional

- Fleece blanket: $95
- School Hoodie: $65
- School Beanie: $20 

Other items of School uniform which may be worn at Rowing events are available in the School Shop. If additional uniform items become available through the School Shop, we will communicate this to parents.

Please note: Additional items of uniform may be required for students selected to attend the Maadi Cup regatta, especially in years when the event is in Twizel.

Rowing uniform