Auckland Grammar Rowing Club Inc., known as Auckland Grammar Rowing Club (AGRC) is an incorporated society under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908.

The Club was first formed in 1952 but not incorporated until the 1990s, and has competed competitively in Club, School and National regattas every year since it was formed.

With school rowing, a boy's age at 1 January will primarily determine which squad he will row in for the following season, ending at the Maadi Cup, usually held in March.

There are four squads: Under 15/Under 16/Under 17/Under 18 (Seniors). However, boys showing both ability and maturity may be considered for promotion to a more senior squad (aa boy who turns 15 on the 2nd January can still be rowing Under 15 at the Maadi Cup when he is actually 16¼).

Anyone in their first year of rowing is a Novice, no matter their age group. The nature of rowing is that the squads will spend a great deal of time together, particularly at regattas and camps.

This encourages all squads to get to know, and to support, each other and also encourages parents and supporters to do the same.

In order for the boys to enjoy rowing and do well, total commitment is required, not only from the boys, but from their families - so we welcome your active support!